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Local Business Spotlight
New London County!

Grader Jewelers

Grader Jewelers is a family owned  jewelry store. Peter and Lorraine Grader founded the business in 1962. Mark Grader, Peter and Lorraine’s son, is the President of the company today. His wife Linda serves as Vice President. It is a proud family small business with 2 locations, Norwich and Groton. 

Full disclosure, my husband purchased my engagement ring here in 2004 and had such a wonderful experience we both bought our wedding rings here. To this day, no matter where we have lived we come back to have our rings checked, or repaired. The price, quality and customer service is just amazing! 

There selection of estate jewelry is one-of-a-kind and shouldn't be missed!

Social Cafe in Groton, Mystic and Stonington Borough is not only a great local coffee shop but also a wonderful place to meet up with friends! According to their Facebook page every day the owner, Tom, roasts the beans locally in Groton for the Three Store Locations Groton, CT, Stonington Borough and Mystic, CT. Beans are also sold in grocery stores to be enjoyed at home. My daughter and I went in one day and had the best fresh drinks. Her concoction was a "Cold Hot Chocolate" she is 4, the barista was very attentive and understanding of the tastes of a young child! My coffee was my usual ice coffee, but OMG the difference fresh roasted beans make is so clear with every sip! Check it out as soon as you can!

Social Cafe